Colin Burke – Resistance (and new upcoming EP)

So check this out guys– A good friend of mine, Colin Burke, is in the final stages of crafting his upcoming EP. The songs are awesome and should be a great package once the music is paired with the album artwork (which still remains a mystery!) in early September!

One of my favorites from the upcoming EP and what could very well be the reprised single below. Take a listen!


#ThrowbackThursday – The Cardigans – “Lovefool”

I’m baaaaaaaaack with a new artist! Band of Skulls!

I haven’t posted anything in literally five months…my bad.  Hopefully this post will make up for lapse in blogging…

BAND OF SKULLS! Listen to these guys (and gals)!  From Southampton, Band of Skulls is picking up some serious momentum in the UK.  The band consists of Russell Marsden (guitar, vocals), Emma Richardson (bass, vocals), and Matt Hayward (drums).  These guys are definitely rocking my face off right now with heavy HEAVY chops, not to mention, female singers get me every time.

After doing a little bit of research it looks like Band of Skulls is under the same label as Monsters of Folk, one of my favorite folk super groups (with Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis).

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this band opens for some larger, progressive acts in the future, especially since they are on a label that people actually know about (and care).

Check em OUT!

S.O.T.D. Silversun Pickups – Substitution (live @ KROQ)

Song of the day.  The Silversun Pickups really know how to create this atmosphere with their warm fuzz sounds and effects.  One of the most underrated bands out there today.  I think they sound better live than on record.

S.O.T.D. Bright Eyes – Lua (Live at Coachella 2005)

Song of the day:

S.O.T.D. Elizabeth and the Catapult – “Race You”

I heard this song on some commercial the other day, and it got me hooked.  I’m pretty sure that this song came out about 2 years ago, but it’s good nonetheless.  Turns out, Elizabeth and the Catapult is a pop/folk trio from Brooklyn, NY and haven’t done much since their 2009 album Taller Children.  Here is the song of the day, “Race You.”

Pat Dowling; Hamden, CT, Acoustic Redefined

Because I posted his roommate, I thought it’d be only right if I posted Pat Dowling as well.  Pat went from recording metal riffs on “Tabit” software to actually making good music.  Pat does all of the recording himself, plays percussion on improvised drums and makes up his own 3-part harmonies in this track, “A Modest Compromise.”  Pat fabricates a unique radio-sounding acoustic guitar making listeners feel like this modern folk is from some old time radio show.  Check it out here!

Colin Burke (Cbear); Hamden, CT, stylish composition, crafted lyrics

A former roommate of mine…Patrick Dowling recently introduced me to his newest roommate’s music.  Colin Burke, out of Hamden, CT; proves to be a master of arrangement.  Specifically, I’ve been playing “The World Revolves Around Me” on repeat.  Ironic, cerebral  lyrics and atmospheric instruments keep me coming back for more.  This guy has some talent for not only playing, but as far as I understand, he does all of his own recording.  Anyway, here’s my favorite track of his, “The World Revolves Around Me,” as well as a link to all his pages, enjoy!

***UPDATE: check out Colin’s brand new track on his Bandcamp site, “savage beast.”

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Great Caesar; CT/Brooklyn, NY, “Rock, like You’ve Never Heard Before”

Catchy, original and raw are three adjectives that come to mind when I hear Great Caesar. Great Caesar, a 6-piece alternative rock ensemble from Brooklyn, NY, have been together for awhile now.  These Connecticut natives recently relocated to Brooklyn, NY to focus on the music scene and move onto big things.

These guys have it, I mean, I have never heard a sound like these guys.  Originality and energy radiate from the driving horn lines and fuzzed-out guitars.  The jazzy vibes, rocky riffs, and edgy lyrics complete the equation for what Great Caesar is.  It’s rock like you never heard it before.  Expect to hear more from these guys in the future.  Check out their very well put together video for “Sweet Banana.”

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Song of the Day; Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band – Nikorette

In my opinion this is one of Conor Oberst‘s most underrated songs from his “newer” Americana project “The Mystic Valley Band.”  Expect to see a lot more of the Mystic Valley Band’s stuff on this blog, especially since the rumors that Conor is doing away with his pseudo name /alterego Bright Eyes.  The Mystic Valley Band’s sound is raw and bar-room country-like with non-conformist lyrics and rebellious guitar riffs.  Worth checking out the previous Mystic Valley Band albums for sure!