S.O.T.D. Silversun Pickups – Substitution (live @ KROQ)

Song of the day.  The Silversun Pickups really know how to create this atmosphere with their warm fuzz sounds and effects.  One of the most underrated bands out there today.  I think they sound better live than on record.


S.O.T.D. Bright Eyes – Lua (Live at Coachella 2005)

Song of the day:

S.O.T.D. Elizabeth and the Catapult – “Race You”

I heard this song on some commercial the other day, and it got me hooked.  I’m pretty sure that this song came out about 2 years ago, but it’s good nonetheless.  Turns out, Elizabeth and the Catapult is a pop/folk trio from Brooklyn, NY and haven’t done much since their 2009 album Taller Children.  Here is the song of the day, “Race You.”