“Babytown Frolics” from West Haven, CT

Here’s the first of many unsigned bands.  Babytown Frolics is about as unique as their name.  Categorized as “twinkle daddy” genre, Babytown Frolics uses sparse vocals, alternate tunings, a lot of guitar hammer-ons and pull-offs, and coats its sound with spacey delay effects.  I kind of like the grooves mixed with the  atmospheric layers.  Anywho, this West Haven, CT band is worth a listen.  I recommend “rare melon.”

Record Club – Need You Tonight (INXS cover)

This is an oldie but goody.  Beck’s super-recording group, Record Club, comprised of Annie Clark (St. Vincent),  Leslie Feist (Feist), Devendra BanhartAndrew Stockdale (Wolfmother), Angus Andrew (Liars), and other notable musicians, put together a complete INXS album.  In my opinion, their cover of “Need You Tonight” with Annie White and Angus Andrew on lead vocals totally kills it.   The only thing that could work differently is if Angus Andrew put some shampoo in that dirty hair of his.  For a real time recording, this sounds super tight, not to mention my affinity for Annie Clark’s voice…

Bon Iver – Skinny Love (Live on Jools Holland TV)

One man, one resonator. Arguably one of the best solo performers around today. I don’t understand why he always looks dirty, but hey, he makes great music and sounds pretty damn good live. Not sure how this video slipped my attention. I probably would say that he may sound better live than recorded.

God Help the Girl – God Help the Girl

It is my understanding that Stuart Murdoch (lead singer of Belle and Sebastian) is making a feature film with some original and recycled Belle and Sebastian songs with his side project, “God Help the Girl.” Anyway, I have an apparent obsession with female folk vocalists, and I do believe this is one terrific example.  Something about the doowop/ballad aura that this tune creates is addicting.  Catherine Ireton takes the microphone and in my opinion, really belts out a good one. I have never heard of her before this project, but I am a fan. Supposedly she was chosen to play the lead part of Murdoch’s musical from a pool of 500 other women and can be seen singing in the following clip titled “God Help the Girl.”  The album was released in 2009, but the production of the film keeps being pushed back.

First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar

The first blog post! Here goes nothing!

First Aid Kit, is a Swedish duo with some pretty powerful lyrics and droning vocals.  This music video was released today, and after watching it/hearing it a few times, it really grabbed a hold of my ears.  There is something to be said about the organic sound of their harmonies mixed with Sigur Ros-like blending of instruments.  Also, I guess they are signed by a small label that has some affiliations with the Swedish Electro-Duo, The Knife. Check it out! Fresh off the reel!