Pat Dowling; Hamden, CT, Acoustic Redefined

Because I posted his roommate, I thought it’d be only right if I posted Pat Dowling as well.  Pat went from recording metal riffs on “Tabit” software to actually making good music.  Pat does all of the recording himself, plays percussion on improvised drums and makes up his own 3-part harmonies in this track, “A Modest Compromise.”  Pat fabricates a unique radio-sounding acoustic guitar making listeners feel like this modern folk is from some old time radio show.  Check it out here!


Colin Burke (Cbear); Hamden, CT, stylish composition, crafted lyrics

A former roommate of mine…Patrick Dowling recently introduced me to his newest roommate’s music.  Colin Burke, out of Hamden, CT; proves to be a master of arrangement.  Specifically, I’ve been playing “The World Revolves Around Me” on repeat.  Ironic, cerebral  lyrics and atmospheric instruments keep me coming back for more.  This guy has some talent for not only playing, but as far as I understand, he does all of his own recording.  Anyway, here’s my favorite track of his, “The World Revolves Around Me,” as well as a link to all his pages, enjoy!

***UPDATE: check out Colin’s brand new track on his Bandcamp site, “savage beast.”

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